Hawes Financial Group 2015-2016

A private company with services ranging from debt recovery under Professional Credit Service, patient financing under HealthFirst Financial, early out services with HeRO Business Services and debt purchasing with Hawes Financial Group. An established style guide was followed for logos, colors, typography, and taglines. Materials were created largely for prospects as promotional tools and informative flyers.

All work shown is a collaboration by the marketing team at Hawes Financial Group. Content was provided for most of these by an on-staff content writer, the senior graphic designer assisted in color selection and manipulating pieces to be printed in house with sufficient margins, and the entire team generated the 2016 marketing concept that drove the direction of the postcard and poster shown. These pieces are ones that I took the lead on and designed from proof to final print ready PDF. All designs were created in Illustrator with the exception of the Newsletter, which was designed in InDesign.


Association of Pacific West Quilters 2012-2014

A 501(c)3 non-profit organization that produced a juried and judged quilt show in Tacoma, WA. I was tasked with creating a bookmark for the 2012 Pacific West Quilt Show that used the traditional log cabin as its theme. The colors of the organization were green and purple, and I used this when creating the design. The design was also used for the quilt show program. I designed both using Photoshop.

In 2013, the theme was floral. After sketching ideas, I developed a flower composed of quilting notions: thimbles, button, and ruler. I used Pantone colors of the year to inspire my color selection for text, flower and background gradient. This design was used for the bookmark, program cover, advertisements, window clings, and even wine labels. Additionally a simplified version of stitched flowers with button centers was created in Illustrator for the show pin.

In 2014 the Pacific West Quilt Show was not produced and a symposium was created in its place. A design had been used for the registration brochure using colored pencils with instructor’s names placed atop. Taking the unusually sized image in Photoshop, I placed it on a corkboard to give it a crafty feel for an advertisement.


Couvapalooza 2013

A not-for-profit event produced by VistaRocks4Charity, LLC to benefit local school music programs in the community. As it was the second year of the event, there was an established identity. I used the same colors (blue, white, orange, peach) that was used. I also had three fonts that had been used the previous year and was asked to use. The music-swirl of magenta and orange had been developed for the previous year and was part of the established brand that I needed to build upon.

The biggest challenge was reusing these elements in a new way. I developed the concept of a crowd celebrating in front of the music swirl and this became the primary imagery for 2013. The team identified three major groups they wished to target for the event: (1) those who love music (2) parents of youth involved in music programs (3) the party crowd interested in beer and wine. I was asked to generate a poster for each.

I created posters, banners, handbills, social media graphics, web sliders, press kits, flyers, lip balm labels, stickers, and event tickets using Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop, an opening animation in After Effects and a web advertisement in Adobe Flash.


Various Projects 2013-2015

I was approached in 2014 to create mockups of a product catalog for a Rush & Cane store that had very few professional images suitable for print and a dense offering of product. I was given 3 hours and created 2 covers and 8 pages with two primary design choices informing each.

Most of these projects were created in InDesign but Photoshop was used to manipulate photographs as necessary.