Bonus Round

I am fully trained in the use of the Adobe Creative Suite including After Effects. Below are a sample of my work in After Effects, Web Mobile Applications coded with JQuery and the Google Maps API in Notepad++, Google SketchUp models and analog and digial artwork.

After Effects

Maya 3D Modeling and animation. After Effects Title Sequence and composition. Project assignment was to use the chess pieces in a one minute animation to show a conflict with resolution.


Click the above images to view the associated videos. From left to right: Animation created for the Community Foundation for Southwest Washington with a script narrated by me and assets provided; Interview with artists One From Many created for Couvapalooza with footage provided; Animation created for Vista Financial Planning Group with all drawings created by me according to client wishes. Participated in recording of script.


Web Mobile App

In this mobile web application designed for DTC 477, WSU Vancouver students are encouraged to put their knowledge of the campus to the test in a Carmen Sandiego inspired crime solving game. As per the requirements of the course the application features the Google Maps API with custom markers to navigate through WSU Vancouver and solve the crime.

The application features animations created with jQuery and forms coded in JavaScript with Notepad++ and Textwrangler. Adobe Photoshop was used to resize and isolate all of the images. The most challenging portion of the design was to create alternate pathways for incorrect locations and properly use callback functions when animating elements. Adept users will be able to solve the crime within nine pages yet this is less than half of the total content created.




Google SketchUp

Google SketchUp model of location for Couvapalooza complete with to-scale design of stage and fence. Model was used in sponsorship packages, to determine where VIP seats would be located, where vendors were to be placed, and how much fencing was needed. Model was placed directly onto Google Earth’s map of the area.

Google SketchUp recreating Green Gables (from Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery).

Project used images from the home that Green Gables was based upon by viewing the online walk-through panoramas of rooms. All rooms created in SketchUp are faithful to the scale of the original home.

I have also used SketchUp to design for retail environments. This allows clients to view the relationship between scale of merchandise and other display items as well as the proposed signage.




I have a solid foundation in the principles of design, color theory and photography including dark room experience for black & white photography. In digital artwork my favorite medium to work in is oil pants with ArtRage Studio and a Wacom Tablet.

(Shown Left) Digital Painting with Wacom Tablet and ArtRage Studio using oils. Profile and full body shot of Totoro used for an animation. Click for full size image

(Shown Below) Final project in Fine Arts class using four holidays from Asia in sequence.